Meet the team – Who are we?


Meri has given pretty much her entire life for this endeavor having been a part time producer and (un)fairly unrecognised talented musician (one play of a dance music remix on late night radio 1 in 2010, winner of local songwriting competitions, blah blah) for some years now. She saw clearly the need to support women in music (including herself) so she did everything in her power over some long tedious years to build a damn lovely studio.
 This is just the beginning. As more female sound engineers and producers are located/trained... noisy girls will form a UK then global network so that any musician can choose to work with female producers and musicians and locate them more easily. Noisy Girls will also give inexperienced/graduate women opportunities to work in the studio and grow their skills and passion for production.
In a few decades time perhaps the term 'sound-guy' won't be a thing anymore...


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.