Recording studio for woman

Noisygirls recording studio in the heart of the UK gives women and girls a safe space to express their voices.
Behind the cool professional exterior there is a warmth and welcoming encouraging feeling that will make you want to come back again and again to feel the happiness and excitement of performing on your favourite instrument.
Run by women for women, Noisygirls also offer tuition and fun sessions for organisations who want to empower women and girls to express themselves freely by writing songs or playing instruments. 
A mobile studio is also available for choirs or community groups and sound engineers are available for events.
noisygirls recording studio in leicester

What we offer


A super supportive professional recording environment for all ages and standards with all the kit and skills you will need. We offer gift vouchers and we are child friendly. We also offer mixing and mastering if you already have songs recorded and need a hand to get them to the next level.


We love to help people to express themselves. You can learn guitar, singing, songwriting and other instruments. This isn’t a place to work towards official exams, it’s a place to learn to play the songs you love or learn or get support to write your own. This is rock school!

Acoustic Baffles

When we built the studio we couldn’t find any reasonably priced baffles for small studios available to buy. With our new found skills we can hand make them for you at a fraction of the price you might normally see online. They might not be quite as immaculate as the expensive ones but they will look great and do a way better job than foam.

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