Dream Wife Show and Spotify Playlist: NG Mix 1 – Upbeat Kick Ass Rock

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Upbeat Kick Ass Rock – Noisy Girls Playlist. Keep your heart alive and your motivation high. A few tracks we listened to on the way home from seeing ‘Dream Wife’ play an awesome show. Note: this is not meant to cover every band ever… it’s just a baby playlist.



Dream Wife @ The Cookie, Leicester

‘I am not a body, I am somebody’

A high energy inspirational band… Fantastic flawless live show… Kick ass music and lyrics
At times there were musical hints of Nirvana and The Pixies… very enjoyable to hear from some very fun Women. It was way more than that and this is certainly not a full review. The recordings are great but just don’t compare to the live show so do go see them.
Asking for the girls to come to the front (some men still not letting this happen to be honest) and then coming off the stage, jumping up and down and shouting some cool stuff with the audience… superb.

Buy Dream Wife songs here – https://dreamwife.bandcamp.com
*** On bandcamp the band actually get a decent chunk of the money instead of like 8p per track of whatever it is on itunes ***